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Cruz-Conde Arquitectos is a studio founded by Guadalupe Cruz-Conde Lleó, with the purpose of creating a singular and unique architecture in each assignment. We have a passion for designing from the general idea to the smallest detail, from the paper to its material execution, we develop a customized product, a unique architecture based on the preferences of the client and the place.

Commitment is key for us, so we are committed to the quality of all our work at every stage of the project, ensuring an excellent final result.

In every detail

We accompany you throughout the project so that you can live the experience of creating your home.



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Architecture + interior design

Architecture and interior design projects, both renovation and new construction. From the initial approach, management, integral development of architecture and interior design projects, to their final execution on site. Project management with a follow-up based on commitment and high technical quality.

Home staging

We undertake to make you a home staging project, with the aim of making a house more attractive for sale or rent. It is an effective help to accelerate the sale or rental of a second-hand property. By improving its image we will capture interest and attract more visits.

Energy certificates + reports + appraisals

We prepare energy certificates, technical reports and valuations.